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In this post, we will talk about thanneer mathan dinangal full movie download in detail. thanneer mathan dinangal full movie directed by girish A.D. thanneer mathan dinangal full movie running time is 137 minutes. thanneer mathan dinangal full movie budget is around ₹2.6 crore and box office collection is around ₹54.7 crore.

Thanneer mathan dinangal full movie Cast:

Mathew Thomas – Jaison
Anaswara Rajan – Keerthy
Vineeth Sreenivasan – Ravi Padmanabhan
Shabareesh Varma – Siju
Naslen – Melvin
Vaishakh Vijayan – Dennis
Franco Francis – Lintappan
Dinoy Paulose – Joyson(Jaison’s elder brother)
Irshad – School Principal
Nisha Sarang – Keerthy’s mother
Gopika Ramesh – Stephy
Sree Renjini – Aswathy(English Teacher)
Binny Rinky Benjamin – Bindu(Physics Teacher)
Rama Devi – Jaison’s mother
Nandhakumar Koratty – Jaison’s father
Kichu Tellus – Antony(Bus Driver)

Thanneer mathan dinangal full movie download Trailer:

Thanneer mathan dinangal full movie Story:

The movie follows the life span of a cynical yet fair eleventh-grade pupil Jaison (Mathew Thomas). He changes into the science batch out of humanities because he is quite ambitious and aims to be the very best in his or her class. But after neglecting ridiculously in a course evaluation, it will become evident to him that dream alone wasn’t enough.

He keeps a social circle through being a regular at a juice and snack store along with his batch-mates. Meanwhile, he begins to have a crush on his classmate Keerthy (Anaswara Rajan), that doesn’t reciprocate his feelings. This makes him exceptionally plump and plump.

A brand new Malayalam instructor, Ravi Padmanabhan (Vineeth Sreenivasan) unites the faculty. Throughout their very first course, Jaison pushes up him the wrong way. This doesn’t sit nicely with Ravi who’s equally a narcissist and somebody who enjoys attention. Hence, Ravi frequently snubs Jaison.

Ravi’s influence on everybody irritates Jaison and that he publicly cares about Ravi becoming a fraud. They input the twelfth grade. To forget Keerthy that he woos Stephy (Gopika Ramesh) a fresh eleventh-grade pupil. He calls her often but understands it isn’t working. He breaks up with Stephy and understands that Keerthy is his love. This meanwhile had enraged Basil (Midhun Gopinath) another pupil in the school who desired to woo Stephy too, therefore, becoming a fight with Jaison because of her. Jaison in his very own manner eventually woos Keerthy and she reciprocates his feelings. Ravi finds out their connection and calls in Jaison.

Ravi claims he understands that Jaison doesn’t like him is talking ill of him. Hence, he’d create Jaison’s life more difficult at college. Ravi is then abruptly called into Chief’s (Irshad) office. He’s shown to be a fictitious teacher with imitation qualifications and can be later discovered to be a thief too. Ravi is chased round the school grounds from law enforcement and eventually captured. Jaison doesn’t wait in observing his success over Ravi.

Meanwhile, Keerthy is captured by her own mother talking to Jaison. She’s mercilessly educated by her parents. She manages to telephone Jaison and informs that she’s likely to Chennai for her research and asks him to meet with her the next day following the examination. After disconnecting the telephone Jaison is jeopardized by Basil.

This provokes Jaison so that he and his friends beat him up. The following day he neglects to fulfill Keerthy because he’s called by the main for the difficulty he’d created. However he can manage to grab Keerthy’s bus, he then catches her and they run off. Jaison urges Keerthy to elope but she says that is not possible as it is not the sensible means of managing the issue and promises she won’t ever leave him. Keerthy belongs to Chennai. A couple of months afterwards, Jaison and his buddies are in the temple.

It’s shown that Keerthy is set to come back from Chennai. Jaison wonders who might have stolen Keerthy’s electricity lender, which went missing during a class trip. It’s then revealed it had been Ravi who stole it, and he’s seen instructing in a Kannada college in a brand new makeover and using more art than he exhibited at Jaison’s college.

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